Manuscript Appraisal and Mentoring:

I love working with aspiring writers to enthuse and encourage them throughout the
wonderful, weird and often daunting novel-writing experience. If you would like
constructive feedback on your manuscript or simply some cheerleading and
guidance from an experienced bestselling author, please get in touch.
I set out my pricing structure below but it’s usually easiest to discuss each potential
project individually and tailor something specific for you.



It is also possible to arrange an hour-long telephone “masterclass” priced at £40.
Ideal for those who require general support, or help with specific aspects of writing,
eg grammar, style, character etc. Mentoring topics include: setting goals/targets,
dealing with writers block, concerns and doubts, unpacking the creative process.



(Looks at issues such as storyline, style, narrative voice, pace, structure, dialogue
and imagery. Fees do not include a comprehensive line edit though will address
specific writing habits and tricks and will include a line edit of some sections as a
means to illustrate the points made.)


In general terms, my hourly rate is £35 for manuscript appraisal.
However to keep quotes manageable, it can be useful to quote for the job.


Due to my existing writing and other commitments, I only have time available to work with a limited number of writers each year. However if you are interested please get in touch. If I am not available to help you when you need me, I’ll do my best to recommend someone else, suitably qualified, who can.If you would like to enquire about how we might work together, please get in touch at:

“I have found Tracy’s feedback extremely useful. Everything, from her small, encouraging annotations to her overall impressions, was helpful. Her insight into which sections flowed well and which needed clarifying or restructuring, were spot on. I knew some of my writing did not seem quite right and it was invaluable to have Tracy clarify the flaws and make suggestions for improvement. She was also very good at identifying where I needed to pick up the pace. However, I think the most important attribute of Tracy’s appraisal was her unstinting encouragement of me as a novice writer. Instead of flattening me with harsh fault finding, Tracy was able to give constructive criticism. She inspired me not to give up, to keep learning, and above all, to retain the joy of writing.”

R A Stanbridge

"Enough emotional rocket fuel to get me to the moon and back! Having Tracy appraise my work has allowed me to concentrate on the creative aspect of writing without being distracted by any technical issues such as grammar, or the pace or structure of my work. This has given me the space, I think, to develop my own voice, and grow in confidence in terms of ability. Tracy's detailed feedback helped me understand exactly where I had gone wrong (as well as right!) and was very comprehensive, exactly what I was looking for! I am now confident, in submitting my work to competitions and to agents, that it is the best that it could be. 

Keeley Prowse