I was born and grew up in Swansea, South Wales. I had a fairly typical childhood for an only child,
spending a great deal of time lost in books, or in my imagination. I’ve always loved stories – my
magic carpets to other worlds – and language. At the age of three I wrote my first poem and
informed my teacher that I wanted to be an “authoress”! At the age of four I wrote my first
(unfinished, unpublished) novel, The Adventures of Princess Tulip and her Friends.
Then I was busy with life for a while – school, horse-riding, ballet, becoming a person... I was always
scribbling though – odd little fragments and snatches here and there. As a teenager I still wanted
nothing more than to be a writer but was told by teachers, careers advisors etc (sound familiar?)
that you can’t make money out of writing and that I would need a “proper job”. It was advice that
depressed me thoroughly but I believed them.

I went to university at Cambridge where I was fortunate enough to study Modern and Medieval
Languages at Jesus College. I loved my time there and writing became a lower priority while I kept
busy with my friends and the beautiful, vibrant city of Cambridge. Oh yes, and some study. As my
time there drew towards a close, my friends started to attend careers fairs and think about the
future. I hid!

Like many writers, my life so far has been one of many chapters, not least when it comes to “proper
jobs”! I moved to London and worked in medical publishing for eight years. I then did a second
degree, this time at London Metropolitan University, in psychology, followed by years of training in
Humanistic Integrative counselling in Wales. I then worked as a counsellor for people with cancer
and their families. I have also been a waitress, bartender, shop assistant, estate agent, classroom
assistant, university lecturer, workshop leader… It was a long, often difficult road to becoming a
published author, but of course, I learned, so much, from each and every stage.


I’ve lived a large part of my life in London – Richmond and Twickenham mostly – and I also spent a
year in York, but the sea and my close relationship with my parents have kept me returning to Wales
time and again. I currently live in South Wales, where I enjoy long, inspiring
nature walks and a slower pace of life. But, being a Pisces, I also still need the variety and excitement
of London, so I divide my time between the two. London also just happens to be where my partner
lives, to add to its many inducements!

I’d love a dog, but it’s not the right time – I’m away too much. I love travelling and some of my
recent adventures include Mexico and Egypt. My favourite place, of course, is Italy. I enjoy walking,
swimming, singing, dancing and cooking. Every writer needs a good posse of friends and I’m truly
blessed in mine; they are support, fun, inspiration and joy. Likewise my family and partner. And needless
to say, my house and my head are always full of books…


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